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It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website. As the Principal of DRS International School, the only IB world school in the Secunderabad region at Hyderabad authorised to offer IB Primary Years Program and IB Diploma Program for over a decade and now applied for candidacy to IB for Middle Years Program. I feel privileged to lead the team of teachers who are the fundamental pillars of teaching and learning in engaging our learners to be enthusiastic and energetic, thus making their life experiences joyful and purposeful.

DRSIS is affiliated with CBSE and Cambridge International as well. The educational career pathways at DRS International School are through parallel streams of national curriculum CBSE in the middle and secondary stage following NEP 2020 and international curriculum continuum of IB PYP-MYP-DP. IB MYP preparatory implementation starts from June 2022.

Today’s learners express their voices, bring in multiple perspectives, access to information and technology and set their learning goals in every unit of inquiry/lessons to become self-directed learners. We aim to support them to make it more relevant, meaningful and authentic during their learning experiences.

I take responsibility to build positive relationships with all the stakeholders of the school community through my collaborative approach to achieve the school goal, cordial and cooperative in prompt communication with clarity and caring for the learner’s holistic wellbeing – physical, social, emotional and intellectual.

The school curriculum is well-designed and developed in alignment with our vision, mission and core values. I would emphasize and be committed to providing resources, guidance and feedback at every stage to reflect upon for improvement and achieving academic excellence. I will be employing appropriate tools and instruments to evaluate the curriculum, pedagogy and assessments bringing effectiveness of the learning outcomes and institutional milestones.

My focused leadership will ensure that our students attain the academic qualifications of IB and CBSE. The skills nurtured and experienced through the school agency driven opportunities to transfer and apply in the real-life world. Thus, they will be successful, in pursuing higher education in top universities of the world including Indian universities.

Notwithstanding the disruption in the form of second and third wave surge of Covid situation, we have evolved to bring blended learning experiences to our students in virtual platforms and physical environments deemed necessary to build social skills, strengthen cognitive skills and stay connected to the spirit of sustainable and experiential learning.

Best regards
Shanmugam Paramasivan



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