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DRSIS Values

School Ethos

DRSIS Values

Our school strives to surpass by aspiring towards both academic and moral excellence. In every endeavour the school undertakes, there is a distinct effort made to cultivate moral courage and strength in our students along with a keen scientific spirit and rational bent of mind that reflects progressive thinking. A deep respect for humanist values and the fundamental equality of people is also nurtured in each of our students.The essence of the DRSIS community is a strong commitment to challenging the existing status quo to discover new ways of redefining what is possible. In their time spent at school, each of our students learn to never settle for anything less than their personal best, and to always push their own limitations through persistence and sheer strength.

A distinctive feature of the DRSIS ethos is a dedication the pursuit of learning that is shared by the entire school community, including facilitators and students alike. This commitment acts as a driving force that shapes all the school’s endeavours and initiatives.

As a world school in the true sense of the word, the attributes of the IB Learner Profile , the Cambridge Learner Profile as well as C.B.S.E. and N.C.E.R.T.’s emphasis on universal human values all seamlessly blend together to shape the school’s unique ethos. This ethos features a strong focus on developing students who are not only open to diversity of thought and culture, but global citizens with Universal Human Values who appreciate and actively seek out the same.

Students get opportunities to exercise and demonstrate these attributes through not just their everyday lives but also a variety of platforms and engagements that include, but are not limited to, special assemblies, activities relating to the theme of the month, innovative programmes and outreach activities that span across all domains of the school’s functioning. From the community building activities that makes the C-A-S Programme unique, the outreach activities of the Interact Club and the DRSIS Community and Humane Club, the school’s ethos is demonstrably visible in action everywhere.