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Residential Wing of DRSIS

Residential Wing of DRS International School

By the end of the 20th century, due to the unprecedented and pioneering work-life of parents, the residential schools saw an increase in demand where parents are preferring to send their children to boarding schools. The Residential Wing at DRS International is an incredible accommodation, where the residence is home to many students from diverse cultures. This culture is something that gives a unique experience to the boarders at DRSIS. 

Here, at DRSIS residence, every child is valued and supported in their growth. Our close-knit community of friends and mentor-facilitators is home to children with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and interests. A well-planned calendar of activities incorporates a range of experiences, competitions and routines that help build each student’s profile of skills and competencies. Students here learn how to be independent, make decisions, discover what they like and dislike. Moreover, they learn to value and take responsibility for their actions and belongings, to be disciplined and well-groomed.

Our well-conducted residential accommodations help the students to know and adapt to community living. Our strong residential academic support programme also ensures that each student makes the most of life in the residence. With the experiences of residence, our boarders learn the habit of proper scheduling and prioritizing things. We inculcate a joy of learning and discovery for the students, where they gain the advantages of diverse learning processes, to enable them to become global citizens.

In Residential Wing of DRSIS, the routines are reinvented and infused with meaning and purpose. The morning jog and the evening meditation are some of the most distinctive features of life in the residential school. The morning jog is a time to get off to a fresh start, to rejuvenate and reorient our students to face a new day. The evening assembly has been made special by a meditation session and chanting of the om that our students find calming and relaxing. This session is a much-needed pause in an otherwise busy day.

One of the most enriching aspects of life in the residence is the evening study time. Students have guided study sessions under the able instruction of our experienced residential teachers. Our well-experienced residential teachers make every effort to give each child individual attention and help them work on areas they may find challenging. Our students make the best use of these study hours and use them to propel themselves towards their academic goals.

Our boarders enjoy a year-round series of workshops on Creative and Critical Thinking skills. Personality Development Workshops are also conducted from time to time. TV time and reading from the wide selection of books housed in the hostel library are also too popular with our residential students. They need to attend morning and evening study hours in the residential wing besides their regular classes, which are supervised and conducted by our residential faculty members. The facilitators monitor and ensure their academic progress, besides mentoring and guiding them.

With an extensive line-up of activities and events, no two days in the residence are alike. Our boarders are regularly exposed to a wide range of extracurricular activities. It helps them grow in different spheres – sporting events like football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, cross country, and athletics. Post-dinner, our students typically unwinds in the recreation area in the club room, choosing from games such as 8-ball-pool, table tennis, foosball, and indoor games such as darts, carroms, chess and other board games. Our students are taken for adventure camps such as zip-lining, trekking, rappelling, in addition to confidence & team-building activities.

Our students are challenged to grow their talents and abilities through intra-group events and competitions. Events that are organized include fiercely contested competition for Mad Ads, Extempore and Antakshari. The residence celebrates national and regional festivals with great enthusiasm and festive spirit. Mealtimes at DRS International School are a time for bonding and friendship and catching up with peers. The residential students of DRS are given a choice of meals and snacks from a nutritious and vegetarian menu, along with dry canteen facilities which are hygiene, healthy and popular. Our students are regularly taken out to restaurants for lunch on Sundays.

Life at residence to our borders will be a promising space and widely a learning experience. Though hostel cannot be replaced with sweet home, we can assure that our residence can be the best alternative to home for food, accommodation, academics, guidance, environment, sports, trips, etc. DRS Residence is not just a home but an ecosystem with a diversified community!

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