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Into the Wild!

Our students of Grade VIII went on a field trip to Telangana Forest Academy to explore the wonders of nature up-close. Three activities were lined up for them by Star NGO in collaboration with the Forest Academy-Forest trail, a visit to the Herbal Garden and Paper-bag making.

Students enjoyed the guided forest trail and carefully observed the variety of species of trees and learned their properties first-hand. Seeing trees like Billudu, teak, rosewood, sandalwood, Rela, Chirumanu, Chilla,Musti, Uduga and Chenangi up-close gave students insights into the the vital role afforestation plays in our habitats.

The visit to the herbal garden acquanited them with various herbs of high medicinal value. Students understood the value of magic herbs like Ashwagandha and Tulasi, among others. The paper-bag making activity that followed gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their renewed enthusiasm to conserve and protect the planet.

The students were als lucky to meet Ms. Sangeetha, the Assistant Conservator of Forests. She gave an inspirational talk to our students on creating a forest around our homes, by planting trees and nurturing them.
In a nutshell, our students truly had a good time learning in the lap of nature, and have returned, refreshed and inspired.

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