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DRSIS Secondary Wing: Grade-XI Field Trip to Coca Cola Factory

DRSIS Secondary Wing: Grade-XI Field Trip to Coca Cola Factory

A field trip to the Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Factory by the Commerce and Science students of Grade XI at DRSIS presented an opportunity to get a better understanding of the processes involved in the production and packaging of Coca Cola.

Before the beginning of the factory tour, the students were given a briefing session about the endeavors of Coca Cola Pvt Ltd as a whole by the Factory Operator. They also watched a video on how to proceed and were made aware of the precautionary steps to be taken to make their experience a fun, learning and safe-one. After they acquainted themselves with the safety precautions, they were led into the factory which was spread over roughly 24 acres of land. As they were escorted through an interactive tour by the company employees through the various sections of the factory unit, they were exposed to different chemical compositions and production phases involved in the making of the iconic Coca Cola drink. The process of their in-house water sanitation system and chemical composition of water before it was formulated into a Carbonated Soft Drink was explained. The students closely observed the making of plastic bottles by cleaning of reusable glass bottles, filling of the bottles with soft drinks, sealing them, labeling them and finally stacking them up for transportation. They were also surprised when they were told about the multiple ways that plastic bottles were recycled, to make their company more sustainable.

Overall, the well-organized trip was a rather insightful experience and enlightened them about the mannerism which the manufacturing sector functioned and how a single ownership company could develop into a huge enterprise. It ended with a profound insight into the operations of one of the most globally famous fortune 100 companies.

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