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DRSIS Secondary Wing: Grade VI, VII & VIII Field Trip to Bread Factory

To have a better understanding of the production of bread and the processes involved, the Secondary students of Grade VI, VII and VIII at DRSIS, went on a field trip to the Bread Factory at Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.

In this fascinating study of bread baking during the field trip, the students were delighted to interact with the bakers and showed ample interest and curiosity. At the outset, they were introduced to the important measures taken to maintain food hygiene in the factory. Then, they were taught about the principle tools and techniques involved in making it with just a few simple ingredients. The various steps required in the production of bread and the vital role of microorganisms like yeast in the same were also demonstrated. Through this, they also gained an insight into the different types of respiration and its role in our lives. With such exposure, the students could relate the concepts learned in the classrooms such as anaerobic respiration, to real life.

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