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DRSIS IK-Celebrating with the Colour ‘White’

The celebration of the colour white by our International Kindergarten students at DRSIS was a perfect learning opportunity for the tiny tots to connect and comprehend this Colour as they celebrated White Day with a spirit of positivity.

All the students and staff came dressed in dazzling shades of white and exclusively dedicated this day by indulging in a series of fun-filled activity-oriented events. With their energetic and entertaining group dances for songs like ‘Gummy Bear’ by IK-I, ‘Banana Cha Cha’ by IK-II and ‘Baby Shark Doo Doo’ by IK-III, highlighted the essence of white Colour. Focusing on the theme, beautifully handcrafted decorative such as Polar Teddy Bear by IK-I and IK-II and White Rat by IK-III were given to them as a take-away.

In the classroom, the students of IK-I had a game on white colour wherein they had to pick up white crayons. The students of IK-II explored white Colour by pointing out all the white objects in the classroom. The students of IK-III did a math activity on ascending and descending order with white balloons.

They also brought white coloured snacks like kulfis, kajus, popcorn, puffed rice, fryums, chocolates, idly, bread, etc and shared it among themselves. Overall, our International Kindergarten had stupendous day and at the same time had an opportunity to display the attributes of IB Learner Profile along with self-management and communication skills. The experience of this colour was enjoyable and its concepts truly enriching for them.


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