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DRSIS IB PYP: Grade V Field Trip to Orphanage

As part of the IB PYP’s Grade V Unit of Inquiry – ‘Children are a part of the human society and have rights to live with dignity’, the PYP students of Grade-V at DRSIS went for a field trip to ‘Children’s Home’ an orphanage located in Alwal Hills.

The empathetic and inquisitive inquirers interacted with the children over there to understand their living conditions and also looked into their basic needs. Along with this, they also had a scope to address them about the rights of a child. They enhanced their knowledge as the Home In-Charge Ms. Esther Anil shared about their foundation as well as the way the orphanage functions.

The visit to the Children’s Home gave a path to our students to reflect on their lifestyle and at the same time gained insight on how to utilize their rights as well as be responsible towards the society.

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