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DRSIS IB PYP: Grade-III Field Trip to Television Studio

As part of the Unit of Inquiry ‘Media plays a role in Society’, a field trip to a television studio located in Suchitra, was a great way for the IB PYP students of Grade-III at DRSIS, to get behind-the-scenes to grasp the role of media on society.

At the venue, the students visited many rooms such as the control room, production room, editing room, mixing room, recording room, an installation room, transmission room, green room, etc. They observed the ongoing editing process of a program and the equipment used for it to understand how TV programmes are made. They were acquainted on how television signals and satellite work for broadcasting of different channels and programmes and how the customers get the services. They also got a chance to come live on TV.

The inquisitive inquirers expressed their creative side and also exhibited their communication skills and confidence by interviewing the technical persons like Operators, as well as non-technical persons like Anchors, Editors, and News Readers to know about their role and responsibilities.

Overall, this field trip not only pitched in reaping the IB PYP Student Learner Profiles related to this inquiry such as being Knowledgeable, Communicator, etc but also made our PYP students ultimately understand how media plays a role in society in a practical manner.


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