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DRSIS 17th Annual Sports Celebrations: Opening Ceremony 2019

The most anxiously awaited occasion of the DRSIS, 17th Annual Sports Celebrations 2019, commenced from today with an outstanding Opening Ceremony in the presence of an august audience. The inauguration of this auspicious event began with a grand welcoming of the dignitaries by the school band followed by march-past by students of all the four Houses. The spectacular show got off to a colorful start as the Board of Directors of DRSIS and the Guests of Honor lit the school lamp and lit the symbolic light of knowledge. Tri-colored balloons and pigeons were released in the air as a sign of vibrance and vitality. Our Primary students presented an Invocation Dance which ignited a spirit of sanctity in the hearts of one and all and also helped in seeking the blessings of the Almighty to make the event a success.

Our Sports Coordinator Mr. Bharat Kumar handed over the torch to the Sports Captains, which was passed from one sportsperson to another while highlighting the achievements of these students in various sports events. This was followed by Oath Taking by all the students who were eagerly and enthusiastically looking forward to showcasing their athletic abilities, talents, and techniques while engaging in a series of sporting events planned for these three days. The Guests of Honor, IRS Officer, Mr. Dr. Rajendra Kumar and the Chairman of DRSIS, Mr. Shri Dayanand Agarwal Ji, shared inspiring words through their speech which not only motivated the listeners but also encouraged everyone to do their best and compete in the spirit of sportsmanship. To make this event more memorable, our Primary students dedicated a play on the theme ‘Enchante – the treasure within’ and also displayed a set of dances as they beautifully interpreted the learner profile of a PYP student through various fairy tale characters.

The Ceremony concluded with the announcement of the Annual Sports Meet 2019-20 open!

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