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A Shared Vision

The school celebrated Founders’ Day today to mark the completion of 15 years since its inception. The day of joy and celebration was made special with memories and performances.

As a tribute to the school’s founders, several members of the school community, who have had a long-standing association with us, shared their memories. Students, facilitators and even founding members used the platform to share their memories of their time and expressed their gratitude to the school.

The momentous occasion also saw the release of the latest edition of the school’s Yearbook- Resonance 2017-18. Our Chairman, Shri Dayanand Agarwal and Director, Mr A K Agarwal took to the stage the retrace the school’s humble beginnings and the dream that has powered the school to the heights it is at today. They also shared their vision of expanding MDN Edify to a 100 operational schools in the next five years and emphasised the role each individual plays in building and sustaining the school community.

Besides the heart-warming addresses, a special rendition of the school song, a classical invocation dance, a fusion performance and some hip-hop added zing to the day. The event drew to an end with a cake-cutting ceremony to mark the occasion.

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