DRS International School


We are a leading Institution providing an excellent quality benchmark and a lasting passion for learning. In addition, we are:

  • Work place committed to incremental benefits and a culture of care
  • A campus where 100% staff is vaccinated and health & safety is a top priority

We are looking for qualified candidates with:-

  • Relevant Experience
  • Good Communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Good collaborative skills
  • Knowledge and skills using technology in teaching and learning.

    Careers Enquiry

    DRS International, Hyderabad is inviting applications from interested teachers to work in our IBPYP, IB DP, IB MYP, CBSE segments for the academic year 2022-2023.

    Our work culture is inclusive with attractive salaries, benefits & all-round professional development of teachers.

    IB PYP – Inviting applications from IB experienced for the following positions-

    1. Home room teachers all grades Nursery to 5

    Home Room teachers must have experience in handling Primary years.

    IB MYP:  We are hiring for the following positions with a minimum of three years relevant experience

    1. English Language & Literature with a post-graduation
    2. Integrated Humanities with post-graduation in History/ Sociology/ Economics
    3. Integrated science with post-graduation in Physics/ Biology/ Chemistry
    4. Physical Education with M.PEd

    IB DP

    1. Mathematics AA and AI with Post Graduation in Mathematics.
    2. Visual Art with Post Graduation in fine arts.

    CBSE: We are hiring for the following positions with a minimum of three years relevant experience & postgraduate qualifications in respective subjects

    1. English –CBSE Mass Media & communicative English
    2. Hindi – CBSE
    3. French – CBSE
    4. Social Studies – CBSE
    5. Robotics & Information & Communication Technology
    6. Drama – CBSE
    7. Fashion studies & Home science

    Hiring Events Manager with minimum 2-3 years of experience. Please add this under administrative support tab.

    Events Manager JD

    • Planning and promoting events
    • Understand requirements and details of each event
    • Coordinating with internal departments to ensure events created within the timelines.
    • Researching trends in event planning to develop new ideas for future events
    • creative, innovative, and always think outside the box

    Candidates may please send in their applications to recruitments@drsinternational.com or contact our HR recruitment team on
    +91 91000 92577



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