Yoga for Life- Celebrating International Yoga Day 2018 in School!

The 4th International Day of Yoga was conducted with lots of zest all over the world on 21 st June.On
this momentous occasion the students of DRS International School celebrated this beautiful practice by
performing the Common Yoga Protocol which is designed annually by the Minsitry of AYUSH to mark
this day. The students performed a unique series of asanas including tadasana, vrkshasana, pada
hasthasana, ardha chakrasana, trikonasana, dandasana, bhadrasana, vajrasana, ardha ustrasana,
shashankasana, vakrasana, bhujangasana, shalbhasana, makarasana, setu bandhasana,
pawanmuktasana and shavasana. These asanas were followed by pranayama and deep breathing
exercises, and Om chanting for proper relaxation.

The students surprised their Yoga & Fitness Instructor with their zest for learning, especially on IDY2018,
and their tremendous amount of effort and energy was impressive. Their diligence and dedication to
perform each and every asana correctly truly showcased their respect for this wonderful practice. The
celebrations definitely succeeded in renewing the students’ passion for Yoga!