Understanding Governance! Grade- IV Field trip to Telangana Bhavan

On the 23rd of July, 2018 our students of Grade-IV paid a visit to the Telangana Bhavan, under the theme: ‘How We Organize Ourselves ‘and the central idea ‘Government systems evolve to influence the lives of citizens.’ They had an opportunity to observe the meeting rooms, The Chief Minister cabin and understand how the MLA and MPT ’s  Government of Telangana work together collaboratively with integrity to develop the state. The Mayor of GHMC Bonthu Rammohan interacted with the students and explained to them his role and responsibilities to make our city the best place to live in. He shared the ideas and our government’s future plan to achieve the goal. He inspired our students to spread awareness among citizens to be responsible to follow traffic rules, pay taxes, help, and care for all as global citizens.