Thinking Beyond

Thinking Beyond, Experiential understanding is an integral aspect of any exploration in the Sciences. Our students of Grades VI-VIII from both CBSE & CAIE organised a Mini Science exhibition on Saturday, 2nd Feb 2019 to showcase their exploration of different scientific theories and concepts.

The students collaboratively created nearly 20 working models distinct to disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Taking the theme ‘Think Beyond’ as their inspiration, the students made innovative and unique models that demonstrated the science behind sensors, anti-gravity wheel, heron’s fountain, and even a manual generator. Students also showed their understanding of basic Chemistry and Biology with models of hydraulic proclaimers, human life processes, functions of the human heart, and the chemical effects of electric current. The exhibition was a great opportunity was students to share and develop their understanding of these concepts, processes, and theories with the school and parent community at large.