The PYP Potluck Party

As part of their IB PYP journey at DRSIS, our IB PYP students of Grade I to V had an Annual Class-Get-together at the end of the academic year 2018-2019.

The students were all excited about the outdoor brunch with their teachers at school. Everyone brought one home-made dish without junk and bonded with others over shared meals which were all big hits on both the palate and the plate.

A wonderful mix of delicious North-Indian and South-Indian, Chinese and Continental food dishes were served and the students also discussed how they gave a helping hand to their parents in preparing these dishes.

Apart from sharing and caring, there was plenty of socializing resulting in lively conversations and free-plays which added extra entertainment to this event. They also explored their ‘IB PYP Learner Profiles’ of being ‘Open-Minded’, ‘Principled’ and ‘Caring’ with one another. All in all, the IB PYP Potluck Party was a true celebration and a perfect way to end the year.