The Magic Hour! Club Meet

Club meets are opportunities for our students to unleash their imagination to learn and create things beyond the ordinary. On the 13th of June, our senior school students met with members of their club to innovate. The masterchefs of the Cuisine Club stepped out of their comfort zone to cook up ‘Helapa’, a Sinhalese dish while our Visual Arts club kept things simple with lovely wall pieces made with Popsicle sticks and paper flowers.


Our Performing Arts gave the club meet a twist with hip hop and free style dance while the Music Club experimented with tunes on their Guitar and Keyboard. The Eco-sustainability Club applied best out of waste practices to make napkin hangings with the help of old tooth brushes and wool. Meanwhile, our DRSIS Humane and Community Club completed their pot painting with mirrors. The Design and Technology Club learnt the basics of digital audio editing and recording while the DRS MUN club learnt about preamble of United Nations.