The Fun Side of French

The workshop conducted at Merdian Madhapur in collaboration with <Le Frehindi>, lead by Mr. Haru Mehra, the director of Le Frehindi, emphasized on classroom activities and games to ameliorate French vocabulary and listening skills using the App method.

The workshop commenced with the host school students addressing and welcoming the French teachers with French songs and poems. Considering the fact that French doesn’t emphasize on pronouncing the last letters, Mr. Haru introduced the inclusion of the colloquial language (Hindi) to the verb conjugations in a rhythmic and rhyming tune (like a song). This aids in retaining the conjugation as well as the pronunciation of the conjugation and makes it unforgettable as well as fun.

The App method of teaching a language comprises of: 

1. Activities

2. Power Point Presentations

3. Phonetics

4. Practice

5. Performance Evaluation

The quality of incorporation of all the five components serves to the efficient delivery of the language.

The significance of conducting a 5 minutes activity to begin the class reaps the benefit of gaining the attention and interest of the students towards the language with added academic benefits.

Certain such activities are Jeu Pendu (HangMan), Les dominos verbaux (Word building); Qui est-ce (Guess the person); etc.,

The active teachers have also shared some of the activities they use in their classroom transactions like Jacques Dit (Simon Says/ Dumbcharades), using a Dictionary to find the Synonym/Antonym of the word.

Supplementing yet another effective activity, <Find the word with sentence clues> which aids the student to understand the grammatical structure to form the sentences plus the pronunciation of the sentences.

The program also included the awareness and importance of Exchange programs for the students by Le Frehindi in France and Spain to experience the culture first hand, along with the cultural and educational trips to Auroville-Pondicherry and BhaluGaad-Uttharakhand.

 The workshop has uplifted the spirits, acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of French teachers who are persistent to spread the love for the Language and concurrently also imparted the methods of inducing various activities in teaching for the purpose of pronunciation and enriching the vocabulary of the students.