The CAS Journey! IBDP 2 students reflect on their CAS experiences

Our students of IBDP-2 gave their CAS Final Presentations recently. The Creativity, Activity, Service Programme (CAS) is an integral part of the Diploma core that requires students to actively pursue a range of activities parallel to their academic endeavors. These purposeful activities and projects correspond to the three strands and are expected to challenge students into a journey of self-discovery and meaningful growth through experiential, hands-on learning.

The Presentations saw our students trace their CAS journeys and their transformation through their CAS projects and activities. Students described how experiences in CAS shaped them by giving them opportunities for collaboration and reflection, and pushing them to persevere through challenges. From volunteering in hospitals, to sky-diving and gardening, our DP 2 students have certainly come a long way in the last two years.

The session was attended by IBDP staff and IBDP-1 students, who were all enthused to see the DP 2 students conclude and reflect on their CAS journeys. The presentations were followed by individual student interviews with faculty members.