Spoken English Training Programme

DRS International school non-teaching staff revisited Spoken English classes, which was inaugurated by honorable Principal Dr.Gaurav Muradia on 22nd May 2018.The programme has been organized under the direction of Mr.A.K.Agarwal, Director of DRS International School under the guidance of Principal. The main aim and objective of this four day session was to impart education to non-teaching staff and develop their speaking skills using English language in their day to day professional career at DRS International School and also to benefit them in their personal life. Faculty Dr.V.K.Aaron Levis and Mrs.S.Shailaja helped them to learn basics of speaking English. Our non-teaching staff has learned to greet people with phrases and personal behavior practice, a lesson to introduce him/her was taught to them following with use of contextual conversation and usage of pleasantries .On the last day of session they enacted with role play of their daily activities related to their work at DRS International School.