Residential Wing: Intra-Group Basketball Competition

To provide an opportunity for the students to participate and display their skills of Basketball, an Intra-Group Basketball Competition was held during the weekend in the Residential Wing at DRSIS. The competition electrified the atmosphere with enthusiasm and attracted a great deal of interest from our residential students. The boys and girls were separately divided into two teams under the ‘Juniors’ and ‘Seniors’ categories. They embraced this opportunity by putting all their talents to the test and worked extremely well together as a team to win the competition. It was truly exciting to watch them step onto the court to showcase their skills and amaze the spectators with their impressive scores as they competed against each other. The best team from each of the categories advanced to the next round until the best team won. The competition not only brought out the competitive spirit in all the participants but also good sportsmanship. This added to the excitement of the game. The competition came to an end with a fantastic finish. All the players received a huge round of applause for their outstanding performances on the court. It was truly exhilarating and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.