Pursuing Peace

The International Day of Peace was observed at DRS international School through a special assembly conducted by the IBDP students directed towards the need for creating and sustaining peace through understanding. The choir sang the song “Where is the love?”, a powerful song was written to commemorate the lives lost in the Brussels terrorist attack.

After the assembly was over, the students of IB Diploma Programme then took to the classes themselves to present the school community with each of the aspects that define peace such as liberty, equality, love, security, religion, trust, hope, life and the rules of law. Each of these aspects was covered by different students of the IB Diploma Programme group. Students of grades 6 to 12 wrote their views on peace on flags. Also, a wall-of-peace was created on which teachers and students wrote their views on world peace. Students also put up a collage depicting the poignant distinction between peace and the lack of it.
After the peace talk was completed, all the students were then asked to add their handprints and write a message that they believed in which would hold true for peace. The International Day of Peace was observed with much somberness and hopefully ignited a ray of hope and courage in many hearts.