Parental Engagement in Education

The IK & IB PYP Parent Involvement Activity held recently at DRSIS is one of the best practices that promote parental involvement in their child’s education. On this occasion, the IK & IB PYP Parent community got together to collaborate with their wards on a variety of activities as well as to contribute to their overall success both in and out of school. With much anticipation, the students looked forward to this time for their families to come to school. To ensure high participation of the parents and students, engagement activities for them to work together and typical tasks that they can do together like Human Chess, Passing the ball, Stick together and Racing the Cup, Mosaic Art, Canvas Art, etc were conducted as a way to build rapport among the parents as well as bridge the gap. Overall, the parents had an amazing experience and by spending a day at school not only gave the parents a peek into their child’s school life but also encouraged this practice of providing them an opportunity to foster their active involvement in their child’s learning.