Making Their Words Count!

Debate competitions are spaces that bring out the arts of reading, thinking and speaking in one place.
The Inter-House Debate Competition held at DRSIS on 29th August 2018, saw participants align themselves with both intellectual and social goals with quick thinking, sound argument and confident speaking on intriguing topics.
‘Violent video games should be banned’ was the motion for debate for grades VI-VIII while ‘Humans are fundamentally different from animals’ was the topic under the scanner for grades IX & XI.

In the given 3 minutes for each participant, the Atrium witnessed confident leaders take center-stage, with the capability of conceiving, articulating and evaluating their stances against their fellow participants besides substantiating them with pertinent arguments, instances, and statistics. Our well-informed audience also participated by listening, reasoning and responding while contemplating all the sides of the argument in unison.

The motion against the argument ‘Violent video games should be banned’ superseded the argument for the motion with formidable counterclaims being made such as the prevalence of the Entertainment Software Rating Board to screen through the games, the correlation between violent behaviour and  how the child is raised by the parent and instances of  games helping in building strategic thinking and reasoning skills when used under parental guidance.

Consequent to the heat of the debate around the topic ‘Humans are fundamentally different from animals’ from both the participants and the audience, the motion ruled for the topic in conjunction with pragmatic considerations like humans are rational animals, they are concurrent and not congruent; they are similar but not identical. The contributors and the observers both broadened their perspectives and explored the twin sides of the motion together.