International Kindergarten: Green Day Celebrations

The International Kindergarten at DRSIS cheerfully celebrated the color ‘Green’ with great zeal. A grand gala was witnessed as the students and staff came dressed in green and danced on songs representing the ‘Green’ theme. The IK-1, IK-2, and IK-3 beautifully displayed green caterpillars, green snakes, and green kites respectively in their classrooms. The tiny tots engaged themselves in making these cute and creative crafts which they took home as takeaways at the end of the day. Practical learning pertaining to green color was taught to them through a series of action-oriented events and activities. Through videos and various games, our little ones learned the identification of everything around them in green with examples to have a clear sense of this color and its importance. To make this day more special, they also brought green snacks from home like green jellies and juices, green peas and puris, green fruits and vegetables, etc. They even enjoyed sharing their eatables with each other. The IB PYP Learner Profile attributes of being ‘Open-Minded’, ‘Communicator’, ‘Knowledgeable’, ‘Caring’, etc were also developed by the kindergarten kids on this day. Overall, the learning experience about this color was enjoyable and its concepts truly enriching for them.