International Kindergarten Celebrates Blue Day

With an objective to introduce colors and their identification to children at an early stage, the kindergarten at DRSIS cheerfully celebrated ‘Blue Day’ this month. As part of the festivities, the International Kindergarten students and staff came dressed in different hues of blues which was indeed a visual treat. The assembly atrium was beautifully decorated with blue color backdrop representing the theme for the day ‘Let Us Dive in Blue’. A series of dances were also performed by them on various songs representing the color ‘Blue’. Excitement and enthusiasm were visible everywhere as our little ones enjoyed various fun-filled events and activities planned for the day. The significance of blue color was reiterated through their engagement in making take-aways for them as they learned a variety of cute creative crafts like Blue Fish by IK-1, Blue Teddy by IK-2 and Blue Hippo by IK-3. They also brought blue snacks from home like Blueberries, Blue Cotton Candy, Blue Greek Yogurt, Blue Curacao Juice, etc. In the classroom through the month, they were introduced to different shades of blue, asked to identify all the objects in blue providing them opportunities to have a clear sense of the color and its importance. It was indeed an amazing learning experience for our little ones which not only had a long-lasting effect on each student but also had a pleasant and positive impact them.