Inter-House Quiz Competition VI-VIII

To encourage the students to look beyond their textual knowledge, enable them to identify and improve one’s IQ and enhance their knowledge in a fun way, an Inter-House Quiz Competition was organized for the Secondary students of Grade VI to VIII at DRSIS. The four houses were represented by their respective teams consisting of five participants from each house who put-up a tough fight to prove their mettle. In the process of preparation for the competition, the contestants got a chance to cover vast subject areas of study. In four various rounds like Visual Round, Entertainment Round, Bell Round and Rapid Fire Round, questions were put forth from varying topics like Books & Literature, Sports and Science, Discovery and Dance, Food and Festivals, Art, Authors and Automobiles, Music, Musicians and Movies, Technology, Travel and Tourism, etc. The audience cheered for their respective house teams. They also actively participated in the various open rounds. All the houses did well and the healthy competition was witnessed by all as it was a learning experience for both the audience and the participants. At the end of the competition, a range of emotions was also felt in the atrium as everyone waited with bated breath for the announcement of the final scores. Overall, the students enjoyed the quiz competition a lot as well as the variety of informative questions that were posed.