IK-IK 3 Field Trip to Dirty Feet

Those who teach us the most about humanity aren’t always humans! Our little ones of IK 3 discovered what it means to be truly caring in a field trip to a ‘Dirty Feet Farm’ on the 29th of January. This field trip was part of their exploration of their central idea, ‘Animals play an important role in our life’, specifically, how we as human beings have a responsibility to ensure their well-being.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to freely explore a farm and loved interacting with the warm and welcoming farm-owner who explained to them how the animals were cared for. The little thinkers asked questions about how and why the animals were grouped differently and what the needs of each type of animals were. The students observed the nuances of the interactions between the farm-hands and the animals and enjoyed trying out the age-old method of whistling using a leaf to call out the animals. The kids also tried on gongadits which is made with sheep wool, helped out in washing the buffaloes, met with some friendly earthworms and spent time getting to know about the lives of hens and ducks. The visit truly helped our students reflect on how we can care for animals and ensure their needs are met, to share our planet with them.