IK End Of Unit Exhibition

IK End Of Unit Exhibition,  at DRS International School, every student has a learning story to tell. This is especially true in the International Kindergarten where our little thinkers enjoy showcasing and sharing their inquiries with the school community. Our inquirers were thrilled to do just this at the IK End of Unit Exhibition held recently, in which parents, teachers, and students across curricula interacted with our students about their reflections on their learning.

The little ones of Grade IK 1 expressively reflected on their learning adventures about plants, taking time to share their importance and our responsibilities towards them. They used a range of exhibits and displays that explained the mysteries of plants and their thoughts on them.

The students of Grade IK 2 similarly took great pride in displaying the models they had collaboratively created, that related to their transdisciplinary theme, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’. They confidently shared their knowledge acquired through the inquiry, demonstrating their research skills.

Also, living up to the ‘caring’ attribute of the IB learner profile, the students gifted their parents with a little takeaway about ‘driving safe’, thereby encouraging their parents and guests to make informed choices. Meanwhile, IK 3 too shared their mastery of the essential elements through colorful

exhibits and creative reflections on the transdisciplinary theme How The World Works. Without a doubt, the End of Unit Exhibition greatly encouraged our little ones, with the interactions with the parents inspiring them to take their inquiry to the next level.