IB PYP Wing Hyderabad PYP Network Chess Meet 2019

DRSIS took pleasure in hosting the first-ever Hyderabad PYP Network Chess Meet on 24th and 25th July 2019 in the school premises. The two-day event saw students from all over Hyderabad participate in the meet. Both boys and girls equally took part in the Chess Meet to show their invincible spirit and proved to be principled players. The little chess masters took a keen interest in the cluster competition and geared up for the game rounds as it gave them a chance to test their skills with some of the most competent players of their age group. The thought-provoking competition left all the participants to ponder over every move they made as they showed great enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed while playing the Swiss-system based matches by putting forth their best in the battle of wits. It was truly a great experience for all the PYP players to let their minds explore their potential of prediction skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive skills, and concentration skills through this competition. The final positions were determined by the number of points scored by each player. The little ‘Chess Champs’ proved themselves to be balanced inquirers.