Fun with Fallacies! Residential Session

Our residential students of Grade XI and IBDP 1 had a stimulating and thought-provoking session on spotting Fallacies on the 5th of August, 2018. Fallacies are errors or wrong moves in logical reasoning that weaken our ability to communicate and justify our ideas and positions. In the session, students explored around ten fallacies including fallacies such as Ad Hominem, Ad Populum, Hasty Generalizations, the Slippery Slope Fallacy, the Black and White Fallacy and the Red Herring. Students linked the fallacies to each other and found connections to their real-life experiences as part of the whole group discussion. Following this, students worked in small teams to connect a designated set of fallacies and act them out through role-plays which they scripted and improvised on the spot, and through which they challenged their peers to identify the logical errors involved. Students enjoyed the session, and shared that they felt better equipped to tackle debates, argumentative writing and tricky conversations in general!