Friends of the Forest! Grade VI field trip to Telangana State Forest Academy

Our Grade VI students headed out for a tryst with nature in a visit to the Telangana State Forest Academy on the 25th of June. The field trip encouraged our students to explore different types of medicinal plants and a variety of plant species under the guidance of a voluntary organization called Society for Training, Awareness, Recruitment & Social Service.’ Throughout the course of the trip, the students enjoyed activities like ‘Nature Trail’, ‘Rock Climbing’, ‘Paper-bag Making’ and also enjoyed a visit to the herbal garden of medicinal plants. Students also understood how different forestry models suitable for different agro-ecological situations in Telangana State, apart from conventional forestry operations can be used as to reduce pressure on natural stands and to enhance ecological conditions. The field trip inspired students to take initiative to protect our fragile eco-system and helped them brainstorm on the measures they could take up to do so!