Emergency Evacuation Mock Drill

DRS International School is a nurturing haven of safety. The regular conduct of emergency evacuation training drill is to train school personnel, students, faculty, management and the student council to revisit their roles and responsibilities in an emergency. Prior to the drill, in the morning assembly, the students of IBDP made a presentation about quick and effective evacuation during an emergency. On 11th July, a mock drill brought the school to high alert. The mock evacuation drill gave the school an opportunity to revisit the structure, facilities, and exit routes. The assembly session following the drill helped school management to assess how it would be evacuated in the event of a fire or any other emergency. On hearing the sound of the fire alarm the school became a hive of organized activity and the building was evacuated in an orderly and disciplined manner. Evacuation time is of prime importance in such an emergency. 1200 students were able to evacuate the building in 5 minutes under the supervision of the teachers and senior students. Regular drills in the future will help improve evacuation time. Thus, the whole school participated in the drill and followed procedures as delineated in the assembly.