Eco Sustainability Club Students Visit to Telangana Forest Academy

To appreciate nature and assume responsibility in protecting and nurturing it, the students of Eco-Sustainability Club from Grades VI to IX at DRSIS, visited the Herbal Park at the Telangana Forest Academy, in Dhulapally as part of their club activity. It provided an opportunity for the students to work across disciplines while practicing their skills of observation, recording and collecting data during the forest field trip. This fostered a curiosity about the most majestic of the natural world’s processes and developed an appreciation for the complexity of the forest ecosystem. Several educational and engaging activities were conducted in the park to help them gain hands-on experience. The entire process from planning and planting to tending and harvesting taught them in a practical and visible way the values of responsibility, caretaking, patience, and hard work. The field trip enabled the club members to understand the meaning and importance of the Herbal Park in our daily lives and created optimum awareness for utilization of herbal medicinal plants for home remedies. By examining the successful ecological community and cooperation evident in the Herbal Park, the students learned about the elemental principles that they could incorporate into the school and their lives beyond school.