DRSIS Roars for Tiger Conservation

International Tiger Day is observed on July 29th of every year.

On the occasion of International Tiger Day on July 29th, an interactive awareness programme was organized at Nehru Zoological Park. This event was attended by students of IBDP 1 and 2 from DRS International school.

The group of 20 students prepared a role play and pieces of artwork as part of their CAS project, elucidating the theme of tiger conservation.

The programme was organized by ‘Hyderabad Tiger Conservation Society’, a voluntary organization aimed at the protection of tigers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There were 20 schools across Hyderabad that took part in this, putting forward their best of creativity and artistic skills.

Despite having only 2 days for preparation, the IBDP students prepared a variety of attractive visuals such as picture collages, slogans, banners, and posters. This was accompanied by an entertaining as well as an enlightening street play. The skit focused upon the ecology of tigers, highlighting their role and position in the food chain. It also communicated the significance of tigers in the environment, why they need to be conserved and how we as responsible citizens can make our handprint in saving the tigers.

The artwork mainly concentrated on both the future and the past of these majestic creatures, illustrating their demise as a repercussion of mankind’s vile behavior. The students showcased two different perspectives of how they envisioned the future to turn out, unless we take some action against it, comparing it to their former state and environment.

The DP students also participated in a few activities planned by the organizing committee such as face painting, recognition of tiger stripe patterns and bingo. This added to the students’ knowledge about the tigers. Overall, the event was executed with success and the students savored every experience.

By- Kaushal Labba, Neha Cheruku and Arushi Anandh.