Camping at a Castle

Camping at a CastleFor a breath of fresh air, our ever so enthusiastic risk-takers of Grades III-V took off on a 2-day  adventure to ‘The Hidden Castle’ at Mettapally, Siddipet.

Camping at a Castle, They enjoyed and experienced multi-adventurous endeavours like Trekking, Bicycle Trailing, Tree Top Walking, Archery & Aviary, High-Liners & Zip-Liners, Walk for a Destiny, Water Sports, Swimming Pool, Secret Tunnel, London Bridge, Commando Net, Camp Fire etc and these adrenaline-filled experiences and activities not only helped them to be independent and  inculcate self-management skills, but helped them discover their hidden talents, sharpen their motor skills and mental growth and also build a solid rapport with fellow students.

The camp was a power-packed package of thrill and challenges and gave our students a much-needed dose of energy and inspiration.