Calling for a Cause

Calling for a Cause, Owing to its exclusive suburban location, DRSIS has a green campus that is surrounded by a biodiverse habitat. The student community at DRSIS has a special connection with this habitat, as learning at our school extends well beyond the classroom.

However, of late, the mushrooming of gated communities and residential spaces has seen an increase in littering and dumping in the local community. Taking cognizance of this,  and realizing the need to raise awareness about cleanliness, sanitation, and eco-friendly waste-management practices, our student community stepped forward to take action.

Calling for a Cause, A joint venture to clean up outside the school from the menace of littering and dumping garbage brought 75 students and teachers of DRS International School who volunteered for the service and outreach campaign. The campaign was collaboratively designed and executed by the students across different wings- the IBDP students for whom the initiative was a group CAS project, the senior CBSE students who belong to the Global Social Leaders Programme, and the residential students of the school’s Interact Club, all joined hands to make a difference.

The campaign began with the sensitization of the residents in the local community and orienting them about not dumping untreated garbage near the school or on the road but in the designated areas for the same. The students went door to door to inform the residents about their initiative and to invite them to join them in the Cleanliness Drive. Few residents joined in with the campaign team and helped in clearing up the area. Students and teachers equipped with gloves, trash bags, spades, and rakes cleaned up the approach road to the school. The students worked tirelessly for two hours, picking up garbage and cleaning the surroundings. 58 large trash bags were filled and disposed of in the location allocated by the GHMC.

The cleanliness drive and campaign helped our students deepen their sense of civic responsibility, and helped them team up with the local community to make a tangible difference to their neighborhood through service and outreach.