Breaking the Walls of Silence

Breaking the Walls of Silence, Members of the Humane Club visited Ashray Aakruti on 30th January 2019. Mrs. Mathavilatha from the organization welcomed students and facilitators of DRSIS. She has introduced the organization’s aims to the students and explained their services and the facilities provided for students with hearing impairment.  Students were taken to the audiometric (sound proof) laboratory where they viewed a demonstration of how newborn babies and children are tested. This test is called audiometry testing. Diagnosis is done through tests and is based on the results and appropriate interventions that are implemented for the children.

Doctors who test children to check their impairment explained the procedures as well as the inner parts of the ear and their functions.  He also gave an example of the famous business tycoon Richard Branson and his successful life story. He explained that children with hearing impairment often have specific and special talents.

Afterward,  students were taken into classrooms, named as ‘Fast Track’, specially made for children with difficulty in speaking and hearing. She also explained how they teach according to their level of understanding and responses. A sample notebook was also shared with the students. Our students asked some basic questions to the children, to which the children responded to very well through sign language.

After the visit to the classroom, students were divided into two groups, each for different recreational activity- football, and drawing, respectively. The children’s level of involvement and creativity was truly impressive and helped both teams bond qualitatively.

After the activities, students visited the Pre-Vocational Unit –an extracurricular activity center, where children learned to develop and hone their inner abilities, skills, and creativity for equipping themselves for employment.  Colorful paintings made on tiles, images of Ganesha, Flowers, Designs etc, mobile bags, mug, (paperweight) small rocks paintings wowed our students. Ms. Sunita and other art teachers who are facilitators help kids learn and make these products. These materials are displayed in exhibitions every year for sale. They take orders from other organizations and companies and outsource the handmade materials too. These proceeds then further support the organization.

On behalf of the DRSIS family, the DRSIS Community & Humane Club donated an entire day’s meals to the children at Ashray Akruti. The visit truly inspired and moved our students to take their outreach initiatives ahead.