Blessings & More! Niharika Talasila, an IBDP 1 student writes on the Blessing Ceremony!

As part of CAS, we, the students of IBDP 1 planned and organized the Blessing Ceremony for the students of IBDP 2. This was held on 14th April 2018, Saturday.

Organizing the event was a new challenge for all of us. We took up different responsibilities, which allowed us to acquire new skills and develop our existing skills as well. We learned how to work collaboratively with each other.

The event started off with welcoming the Principal, Vice Principal, IBDP Coordinator, teachers, parents and students. And then we moved on to educating the DP2 students with an informative presentation on the Examination guidelines to equip them for the exams ahead. We then had some teachers come up and reminisce about their experiences with the students and bless them. To take everyone’s mind away from the fear of exams, we had Aaron play a wonderful Bagatelle by Beethoven on the piano. Later on, we had the parents convey their blessings to the students. We also had Niharika express her feelings through a heartfelt speech for the DP2 students. The students lighting the candle of hope then followed the event. Then we had a few students from DP2 come and share their thoughts and ambitions with the audience. We also had the principal enlighten us with his words of wisdom at the end.