Benefits & Advantages of IGCSE Curriculum – IGCSE School Benefits

Understand the key benefits of IGCSE curriculum. The main advantage of IGCSE is that they prepare your child to be the international citizen of tomorrow.

Benefits & Advantages of IGCSE Curriculum

The popularity of Cambridge IGCSE curriculum has been steadily increasing among parents and if you are still trying to make up your mind, here we have listed the key benefits and advantages of IGCSE curriculum.

The Cambridge Curriculum (Cambridge Assessment International Education) offers students several advantages over other boards. Here are some of the biggest benefits and advantages IGCSE offers :

A Range of Choices With the Cambridge IGCSE, you can choose from over 70 subject electives in around 20 languages! Each Cambridge affiliated school offers a distinct combination, giving you a more defined scope to choose from. Here at DRS International School, we offer a wide range of electives across 5 subject groups and offer languages such as French, Spanish & Hindi, in addition to English as First Language (Extended).

 Proficiency in English
With English as a First Language, the high proficiency in English that IGCSE demands, equips learners with exceedingly competent communication skills and confidence. This is the reason several UK and Australian universities allow students with the IGCSE to skip the otherwise mandatory IELTS and TOEFL testing & requirements.


Global Connect, Local Relevance
The IGCSE strongly encourages students to develop a global outlook and promotes international mindedness through its approaches to learning & teaching. However, it also instills in them cultural awareness, and helps them look at global issues through the local lens, to empower them to engage with their communities. IGCSE learners are global citizens in every way.

World-Wide Recognition
One of the biggest benefits the IGCSE offers is acceptance and recognition from the best of universities, organizations, governments and employers around the world for whom the qualification is a sign of competence and excellence. A look at this recognition database will give you a glimpse of just how well-recognized Cambridge is. Several of our students at DRS International School have gone on to excel in universities around the world.



Lessons for Life
With its quality assessments and inquiry based approach to learning, the Cambridge IGCSE ensures that its learners have 21st Century Skills like critical and creative thinking, problem solving abilities etc while also ensuring they master the concepts, knowledge across subject group in a range of real-life contexts.

If we are to summarize and look at the core advantage of IGCSE board, it would be apt to say, that IGCSE not only provides the academic rigor but also prepares today’s students to be international citizens of tomorrow.