Arty Attire

Arty Attire, While clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story! The IB PYP Wing at DRSIS recently conducted an Inter-House Fancy Dress Competition for Grades I to V on the theme- ‘Underwater Bodies’. The event saw our students come dressed as the underwater creatures of their choice such as turtles, octopus; underwater objects like submarines, scuba-divers, besides fictional characters like the King of the Sea, mermaids, Aqua Man, etc.

Arty Attire, Each young communicator spoke at length about the significance of their costume and how it was connected to the theme. This DIY project brought to center-stage our students’ vivid imagination and captured their ability to thrive in a creative and whimsical world of fantasy.

However, what was truly impressive was the effort each student had put in, behind the scenes, to inquire about and develop their ‘costume’ of choice.  The event certainly was a perfect platform for our inquirers to develop and reflect on their research and communication skills.