An Organic Tale- CAS & Value Education Programme team together to make a difference!

When Composting brings a whole school community together…What’s good for the environment is good for the soul! DRSIS believes children learn best when they learn experientially. DRS International School, recently took up composting as a joint initiative by our student community as part of their Value Education Programme and CAS Programmes.

Over a period of four months, our students have undertaken the process of composting the kitchen waste and dry leaves in-house, in a completely organic manner to create organic vermi-compost. The students worked collaboratively for the planning process, from deciding the location of the cubicle, setting up collection and segregation points for the diffferent types of organic waste from different sources including the kitchen, the lawns and gardens etc. The students also facilitated the inclusion of coir, earthworms and cow-dung to speed up the decomposition process. They were actively involved in the layering and mixing stages for the creation of the compost, and ensured the compost was mixed and aerated every week diligently.Taking ownership of the process, they also brainstormed to find organic solutions for the challenges they faced- such as the arrival of the red ants. The students ensured the composting process continued uninterrupted by using coffee grounds and natural repellants such as turmeric.


After the process of composting was complete and produced a good yield, our students filtered. bagged, sealed and labelled the compost for distribution and sale during the Open-House Meet held recently.As the proceeds from the sales of compost were being given to charity, our parent community as well as our faculty supported the students’ cause by purchasing the organic compost in generous amounts.