A Grand Get Together!

The IB PYP at DRS International School took the opportunity to celebrate the unique bond between grandparents and grandchildren by celebrating this special day on the 15th of September.

The grandmas and grandpas who were the guests of honor were first greeted and felicitated by their grandchildren with attractive banners and colorful bubbles that added gaiety to the day.

The International Kindergarten welcomed the gathering with dance performances to cheerful and peppy tracks such as ‘Happy Happy Grandparents Day’ and ‘Welcome You’ while Grade I and Grade IV students let music do the talking with their rendition of special songs such as ‘We Love Grandparents’ and ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’.

The Grade-2 students performed a play on ‘Grandparents’ which focused on the importance of grandparents in one’s life and sensitizing one and all about respecting and caring for them, while the Grade-3 students used mime to comically show the ‘Side Effects of recklessly using Mobile Phone’.

The performance showcase ended with Goan and Hawaiian Dances which were performed by the Grade-5 students involving the grandparents who were very impressed and overwhelmed to see their grandkids performing for them.

Thereafter, indoor and outdoor games such as ‘Lemon and Spoon Race’, ‘Passing the Balloon’ etc were followed by hands-on activities including painting challenges and a photo booth, which really helped the generations connect, and appreciate the special place they hold in each others’ hearts.