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Our Philosophy & Vision

The D.N. Welfare Trust was established with the vision of providing aid and support to deserving staff, employees and students of the DRS group. The trust also reaches out to meritorious students in the wider community, to help them fulfil their academic aspirations and goals.

The Scholarship Programme

The DRS Scholarship Programme provides you with the opportunity to study in a school that will help you discover and develop your true potential and skills. With a range of innovative programmes, and academic support systems, DRS International School nurtures excellence in all its dimensions.

Your career will benefit from the new knowledge, leadership skills and the collaborative links you create through our vast network.

The application process is open and competitive, providing equal opportunity to the first 50 eligible students apply for Grade XI scholarships to our school in either the CBSE or IBDP programmes.

Eligibility Criteria

The DRS Scholarship Programme accepts applications from students from the IB MYP/IGCSE/CBSE/ICSE/SSC boards. The eligibility criteria for scholarships for admission to Grade XI in either the CBSE or IBDP programmes is as follows:

Percentage of marks attained in Grade XFee Waiver
95.6% - 100%100%
90.6% - 95.5%75%
85.6% - 90.5%50%

* The School has tie ups with Competitive Examination preparation centers for Engineering and Medical aspirants.
* Sports Scholarships are also available for deserving students.



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