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Inquiry, is the leading pedagogical approach that is distinctive of the DRSIS classroom. The inquiry-based approach encourages students to take responsibility and ownership of their learning. Inquiry facilitates conceptual exploration that is customised to the needs of each student as opposed to a traditional instructional model that only delivers information. Our learning community as DRSIS does not view knowledge as static but rather as a constantly evolving, collaborative process that necessitates original thinking and research.

While always accepting the value of student-centered learning, the school also embraces a variety of approaches to teaching and content, from a traditional lecture and discussion format to a range of more experiential approaches and teaching strategies like QAXP, RAFT, Reciprocal teaching, JIGSAW, Think Pair & Share, Four Corners etc.

Faculty development programmes, and professional development workshops give our facilitators the extra edge they need to stay connected with changing approaches to pedagogy.



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