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Shades of Yellow!

Every color has it importance, and our facilitators of the International kindergarten encourage children to appreciate each color in new ways. On the 26th of July, our budding inquirers of the International Kindergarten celebrated Yellow Day with a colourful, day-long celebration.Yellow is a colour that symbolizes joy and intellectual energy. Our little ones embodied this spirit of energy and exuberance when they took to the stage for their performances. The children of IK I danced joyfully to the music of the ‘Roly Poly’ rhyme, while the kids of IK II wowed everyone with their fun rendition of the ‘Gummy Bears Dance’. Last but not the least, our tiny tots of IK III danced for ‘Clap your Hands’ and ‘Baby Shark’.

Our students also developed their fine motor skills with preparing their take-aways. IK I students created the ‘Welcome Smiley Emoji’ , while our tots of IK II crafted a yellow, ‘Giraffe’. Not to be outdone, our creative little ones of IK III also showed us their creative side by making yellow chicks and ducks.

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