What makes an international school ‘international’?

What makes a good international school?
How do I choose the best international school?
You asked, we answer.

The last ten years has seen the number of international schools skyrocket in India and in Hyderabad. It has become increasingly difficult and confusing for parents to differentiate between real international schools and schools that claim to be international, with every other school claiming to be ‘global’ and ‘international’.

Here at DRS International School, an IB World School, we’ve spent the last 15 years perfecting the ideal international school, here in Hyderabad. These are the factors that define a real international school:



  • Multilingualism
    International Schools offer instruction in not just the mother-tongue or English, but have language electives for students from across the world. DRS International School offers French and Spanish as language electives besides Telugu and Hindi across multiple grade levels. The IBDP programme also offers Ab Initio courses for beginners by our IB-trained faculty and Higher Level electives for students who are already proficient in these languages. Our CAIE students also choose between French and Spanish at two proficiency levels.


  • International Associations
    International Schools are generally associated with international organizations and accreditation bodies of repute that help give its students an extra edge. DRS International School, for example, besides its strong links within Hyderabad and India, is also associated with the The Association of International Schools in India (TAISI), the British Council Library, International Association for School Librarianship etc. The school is even a registered ESOL examination centre for the Trinity College, London. The students have an Interact Club program associated with the Rotary International, Hyderabad Deccan. Our students also regularly network with students from schools across the world, and learn with them through video conferencing, student exchange programmes, educational tours etc.


  • A Diverse Community
    International Schools don’t have communities that are defined or limited by membership of any religious, linguistic or social groups- they are diverse. The student and staff community at DRS International School, for example, has students from different countries, ethnicities, linguistic, religious groups etc. We have students and faculty from countries as diverse as Korea, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ghana, Cote d’Ivor etc.

  • Gateway to the Wider World
    Studying an international curriculum in an international school is one of the fastest ways to securing a placement in a university of repute anywhere in the world. Students from DRS International School, Hyderabad, for example, have gone on to study in top-notch universities such as London School of Economics, Virginia Tech, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh, Toulouse Business School, Hoschule Inglostat etc. If you need assistance applying to an international university or choosing the right university for you, you can get in touch with our University Placements Cell at career.counsellor@drsinternational.com or overseas.edvisor@drsinternational.com.


  • International Mindedness
    The most defining factor of an International School is that the approach of the school and the outlook of its students and faculty is rooted in internationalism. The attributes of the IB Learner Profile and a rich school ethos ensure that students think global in every way and strive to seek diversity in thought and action. Celebration of international days, observing days of global significance, student exchange programs, the inquiry approach to learning, all help foster internationalism…