Unlocking Potential! Club Meet

Every club inspires our students of the secondary wing to innovate with projects they are passionate about. The last club meet of the month too saw our students push the boundaries of what they know with group challenges.The Literary Club experimented with writing mini sagas on a genre of their choice, while our Visual Arts Club created their own mazes with cardboard and Popsicle sticks. The Performing Arts club saw students learning classical dance practice a traditional welcome song to be performed at the upcoming Founder’s Day Celebrations and while our students of western dance rehearsed some basic steps of free style dance.

The Eco-sustainability club practiced a role-play on issues regarding sustainability. Elsewhere, the DRSIS Community and Humane club created some gift envelopes s with construction paper and poster colors. Our Design and Technology Club too made the most of the meet by encouraging students to explore how to use Windows Live Movie Maker. The DRS MUN Club discussed about different organs of the UNO even as the Cuisine Club tried their hand at making delicious and nutritious ragi laddus. The club meet certainly took our students love for their hobbies to the next level.