Think Green, Act Green! ITC WOW-Competition

The school witnessed the active participation of the entire school community under the leadership of the Eco sustainability Club in the Waste Collection Drive for recycling through the Well being out of Waste (WOW) programme, an initiative by ITC in collaboration with GHMC.

The paper waste and dry waste collected from the participants came up to an impressive sum of 2.7 tonnes which has been sent to the ITC Bhadrachalam and Chennai recycling centres for processing and treatment.

Through the drive, our students not only understood the significance of source segregation of waste at home level but also contemplated on considering sustainability practices by using one of the 3 R’s of waste management through a pragmatic approach.

Subsequently, in appreciation of our students’ efforts since the month of April for accumulating the waste, the students received stationery and participation certificates in exchange for the waste collected for recycling according to the weight of their individual contributions.

The event definitely promoted environmental awareness and gave a platform for our students to actively demonstrate their commitment to making the world a greener place.