The World of Water

The World of Water, The students of Grade IK-2 visited the Reins Horse Riding Institute and Kennel on the 7th of February, 2019, as a part of their inquiry on the central idea ‘Water is a resource and affects our daily life’. The line of inquiry that was integrated with the field trip was ‘Water is essential for all living beings for their survival’.

The children were excited to see farm animals such as buffaloes, horses, goats, rabbits, fishes and dogs of various breeds. Beautiful birds in vivid colours like love-birds, pigeons, parrots, ducks, and swans caught their attention and helped them connect to the animal world better. The care-taker interacted with the students and helped them think and reflect on how water is important to the animals and birds and how it is used in the day to day activities to take care of them. The students were also enthralled to see the vast Fox Sagar Lake and small ponds adjacent to it. The field trip certain helped our reflective students understand how human beings have the responsibility to ensure that other beings have enough water for their survival.